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Upcoming WORKSHOPS, Events & Leagues


Virtual Drone Racing

Robotics Competition League & Virtual Workshops

Monthly STEM Information Exchange

The Midwest Drone League is a fun and exciting opportunity to build basic drone flight skills that lead to structured and elevated engagement, drone racing, as well as a FAA drone pilot license!

In essence, the purpose of this league to to inspire youth towards options in aviation and future workforce demand in agriculture, parcel delivery, entertainment, and medical, and many other emerging industry careers.

Most activity is hosted on our Facebook page - be sure to LIKE our page!

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Monthly STEM Information Exchange

Robotics Competition League & Virtual Workshops

Monthly STEM Information Exchange

Every 3rd Thursday* - students & families hear from industry experts - in-person, via video conference and teleconference from a variety of locations across the Twin Cities.  

Everyone interested in STEM/STEAM is invited!  Students, parents, volunteers and organizations join us for our monthly STEM information session!  Every session will be located inside the Twin Cities interstate beltway of 494-694 at a location that changes.   

There are three (3) ways to attend:

1) via telephone/audio only

2) via computer

3) in-person (see schedule)

Please be sure to RSVP!

Please register for an event at


Robotics Competition League & Virtual Workshops

Robotics Competition League & Virtual Workshops

Robotics Competition League & Virtual Workshops

Register for the MN STEM Partnership!

We are 10 teams strong and growing!

If you or you know of interested students that want to form a team contact us and let's get started on student success through a more competitive level of robotics!

Students experience a wide variety of #STEM-related, team-building, citizenship and business concepts leveraging FIRST national robotics competitions (FIRST LEGO League [FLL & FLL Jr.], FIRST Tech Challenge [FTC], FIRST Robotics Competition [FRC]).



STEAM Career Exploration - ALTITUDE TV SHOW

STEAM Career Exploration - ALTITUDE TV SHOW

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STEAM Career Exploration - ALTITUDE TV SHOW

STEAM Career Exploration - ALTITUDE TV SHOW

STEAM Career Exploration - ALTITUDE TV SHOW

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Watch our ALTITUDE monthly TV show!  We interview STEM to explore their Education, Career & Lifestyle.



STEAM Career Exploration - ALTITUDE TV SHOW


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No upcoming events.

Our Purpose and Vision


Why Sponsor MSP?

The Minnesota STEM Partnership is a lifelong support and mentor partnership intended to guide students (and especially their families) through a multitude of options in STEM activities and professional development from Kindergarten to Career! 

Increasing diversity in STEM programs, positively influence post-secondary high school graduation & continuation rate %’s, and prepare students for STEM workforce pipeline fulfillment.


Dr. Michael G. Wulf

An IT Veteran with 36 year’s of corporate and volunteer experience has prepared me for this challenge!  I am also a member and leader in several professional, educational, and technical organizations across the country.  Each year, we attend a variety of webinars and conferences to better guide our students toward successful decisions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and professions.

My life's work is focused on this effort so much so I received my doctorate in education and went on to start a technical & education consulting practice.  

In essence, I have been working as an educator for the past three decades without realizing my true passion! 

We look forward to serving you!


Some students naturally stand out.  Our goal is to ensure "all" students know their options in STEM.


Service to my community is an imperative and core part of my DNA.  Helping students and families understand how to achieve and succeed in STEM activities and courses while preparing them for college and technical certifications is MSP’s mission.  Ethnic and female student dissipation in key STEM programs in later grades is a key objective this initiative also seeks to resolve.

Our Volunteers Make Things Happen

Our organization is run by volunteers from community, education and industry.  They are the driving force that enables quality STEM navigation and delivery of excellence in programming.  Our volunteer corps includes a rich spectrum of diversity in - ethnicity, gender, and especially thought.



Technology Education Consulting

Our consultants range from college students to STEM/STEAM, to entrepreneurs, to industry veterans with decades of experience in a variety of technology, engineering, and other disciplines.

Our focus is delivery of success driven effective engagement of STEM related-activities with public school districts and after-school/enrichment programs &  organizations.  

Check out our upcoming speakers bureau launching January 2019!


Student & Family Career Coaching

Since 2005 we've worked through national & local organizations to promote student success with family support!  The Minnesota STEM Partnership is designed to leverage decades of specific STEM experience to promote a sustainable high school pipeline towards options in education and careers in technology.  

We go where the need is greatest so that all families and students are welcome and prepared to succeed.

 The Minnesota STEM Partnership is a lifelong partnership intended to guide students and especially their families through a multitude of STEM activities, soft skills and professional development from kindergarten to career! 


Minnesota Interns ( is a new initiative sponsored by WebDemoZ Technical Education Consulting to ensure our students have STEM opportunities locally.   We are recruiting College juniors & seniors.  Placed 5 college students from Minnesota State, Iowa State and U of MN!

STAY TUNED for more information!

Check out

Program Overview & Sponsorship


Navigating STEM - We are your partner!

Families and students unfamiliar with dozens of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) options, programs and activities may feel overwhelmed figuring out what is available or where to direct their education efforts.  Family priorities are focused on surviving daily challenges and in many cases can use help navigating STEM options in education and careers for their student(s).  Despite how welcoming many programs can be, some STEM after school programs often make students feel uncomfortable or feel aren’t a good fit or too hard.  We're here to help you find and walk you through what yis best for your student.  Let us help guide the way.

MSP membership is free to families and students!  Those who agree to participate in a confidential longitudinal technology leadership development study will also benefit from this organization.

Registere Here: Student & Family Registration

Local Organization Collaboration

Collaboration with an incredible group of organizations locally is a key success factor.  Finding those organizations geographically close to students who need them most and connecting them is our mission.  Our primary objective is student success.  We are here to help support a positive engagement with our partner organizations - with the student‘s needs in mind first.

National Collaboration

We are dedicated to bringing national organizations and support to local Minnesota students.  Organizations such as BDPA, NSBE, BiT and others at the forefront of providing "off ramp" options from Minnesota only programs when necessary.  We’ll leverage a national family of STEM students and professionals to enable student success locally and abroad.

Education & Post-Secondary Engagement

We are dedicated to supporting students from Kindergarten to Career!  The roads are sometimes difficult as students move from primary to secondary school with a dramatic drop-off in participation in higher grade levels. MSP intends to promote programs and expectations for higher post-secondary program retention and graduation rates.

Career & Workforce Development

We will to increase post-secondary job-placement beyond 90% for our MSP “member” students.

Sponsor Minnesota STEM Partnership Initiatives

Sponsors and tax deductible donations are needed to deliver results.  Corporations, philanthropists, individuals and civic organizations alike are welcome to donate to this effort that will drive immediate and long-term results.  Our organization depends on sponsors and national partners.

Donations are tax deductible and go directly to this program sponsored by the Wulf Family Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

See our Sponsor Opportunities section below.

Sponsor Opportunities

Donations to the Wulf Family Foundation (a 501(c)3 organization) are 100% tax-deductible. Donations can be mailed to: Minnesota STEM Partnership; c/o Wulf Family Foundation; P.O. Box 4043; St. Paul, MN 55104

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